Visually find the center of any shape with the “Visual Center” plugin

February 6, 2024
Visually find the center of any shape with the “Visual Center” plugin


In Figma's dynamic ecosystem, each new addition can play a crucial role in improving the efficiency of designer workflows. The “Visual Center” plugin stands out by offering an intuitive solution to solve the complex challenge of precisely locating the visual center of vector shapes. Let's dive into this innovative tool and explore why it should be a must-have in your design toolbox.

Why use it


The precise location of the visual center is essential to ensure visual balance in designs. The “Visual Center” plugin simplifies this process by using intelligent mathematical methods adapted to various types of vector shapes.


Eliminate the need for complex manual measurements and time-consuming calculations. With this plugin, determining the visual center becomes fast, accurate, and efficient, allowing designers to focus more on creativity.

How to use it


The plugin uses two methods to determine the visual center based on the shape. For triangles, the plugin searches for the centroid to determine the visual center. For vector shapes with more than three vertices, the plugin uses the center of the smallest enclosing circle (


Select one or more vector shapes, then launch the plugin. Automatically, a guide layer will be added to the page and grouped with the selected shape. This feature makes it easy to visualize the calculated visual center, by seamlessly integrating the guide into your workspace. You can thus benefit from a clear and precise visual reference to optimize the alignment and balance of your graphic elements.


The “Visual Center” plugin supports a variety of shapes, including vector shapes, stars, rectangles, polygons, and ellipses. This flexibility guarantees an efficient use of the plugin, adapted to all types of shapes in your Figma project.


In conclusion, although the “Visual Center” plugin is a powerful tool to simplify the location of the visual center in Figma, it is important to note that it is not a foolproof solution. There are specific cases where manual adjustment of the alignment is still necessary.

However, despite these exceptions, the use of this tool is still valuable in order to save time and ensure greater precision in many design situations. It integrates seamlessly into the designers' workflow, offering an effective solution for determining the visual center while leaving room for manual intervention when essential.


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Guillaume Hambourger

Guillaume Hambourger

UI Designer at ATECNA

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