Immerse yourself in a world of overflowing creativity thanks to the Plugin Figma “Blobs”! This powerful and innovative tool gives designers the freedom to design unique and expressive organic shapes.

By activating features such as “Uniqueness” to create distinct shapes, “Complexity” to add sophisticated details, “Insert” for seamless integration into your projects, and “Random” for unpredictable results, the “Blobs” Plugin opens the doors to a visual universe where only the limits of your imagination are left to explore. Discover how this revolutionary tool can transform your creations on Figma and give life to captivating and memorable designs!

How to use it

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This feature provides designers with the opportunity to create organic shapes that are completely unique and original. By activating this function, you can generate blobs that stand out from one another, bringing a distinctive and memorable visual identity to your designs.

When you use the “Uniqueness” function in the “Blobs” plugin, it automatically adjusts the shape generation parameters to avoid duplications. By ensuring that your creations don't look like mass-generated items, this feature helps you create original designs that reflect your creativity and enrich your compositions.


This feature gives designers the freedom to create elaborate and sophisticated shapes by altering the internal structure of blobs. It thus opens up new possibilities for creating detailed and artistic forms. When you enable the “Complexity” feature in the “Blobs” plugin, you can add additional levels of detail to your organic shapes, by incorporating additional anchor points or by using more complex curves.

These adjustments allow blobs to be created with finer details and a refined appearance. By exploiting the “Complexity” feature, you can design more elaborate and artistic illustrations and patterns, adding sophistication to your design projects.


This feature simplifies the integration of generated blob shapes into your projects. Figma existing. Once you have created a blob with the “Blobs” plugin, simply use the “Insert” function to add it directly to your project Figma. The generated blob is inserted as an additional layer, giving you the flexibility to manipulate, move, and adjust it as needed.

This feature allows you to save time by avoiding the tedious operations of copying and pasting between different windows. By using the “Insert” function, you can work smoothly and stay in the same design environment, improving your overall productivity.


This feature brings a touch of unpredictability to the shape creation process, offering surprising results and stimulating your creativity. When activated, this feature randomly adjusts shape generation parameters to create blobs with unexpected variations.

This allows you to explore a multitude of different forms, inspiring you with unexpected results and discovering creative possibilities that you might not have thought of otherwise. The “Random” function promotes innovation by providing random results that can be a source of new ideas. You can also explore a wide range of shapes by playing with generation parameters, which enhances your design process.


In conclusion, the Plugin Figma “Blobs” proves to be a real gem for designers looking for originality and creativity. With its “Uniqueness” features for distinct shapes, “Complexity” for sophisticated details, “Insert” for seamless integration, and “Random” for unpredictable results, it offers a multitude of options to enrich your design projects. By harnessing the full potential of this tool, you can bring to life unique illustrations, evocative backgrounds, and modern, innovative user interfaces.

The “Blobs” Plugin also simplifies the design process by saving time while maintaining the consistency of your workflow. Thanks to its intuitive features, designers can quickly create expressive forms without compromising the quality and aesthetics of their creations. In short, “Blobs” opens up an endless world of creative possibilities, stimulating your imagination and allowing you to push the boundaries of design. Whether you want to bring artistic projects, innovative interfaces or striking graphic compositions to life, the Plugin Figma “Blobs” comes as an invaluable companion for your creative journey on Figma.


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