Discover Responsively, the application that simplifies the process of responsive web development. As the diversity of devices used to browse the Internet continues to grow, it is crucial for web developers and designers to ensure that their creations adapt seamlessly to all screens.

That's where Responsively comes in, offering an innovative solution for visualizing and testing the responsiveness of websites on a variety of devices simultaneously. Let's dive into the world of Responsively and discover how this revolutionary application can transform your approach to web development.

Why Use Responsively App?

Responsively App is a modern development browser that helps developers test and visualize their websites on multiple devices simultaneously. This ensures that the site works well on all screen formats, from mobile phones to large monitors.

Key features


Responsively App provides a real-time viewing experience, allowing developers to see website changes instantly across multiple devices. This facilitates an iterative development process to ensure optimal compatibility with all screens.


Responsively App synchronizes user interactions like clicks and scrolls across devices at the same time. This simplifies the testing of interactive features by allowing developers to verify that all planned actions are taking place correctly on each platform.


Developers can customize how devices are displayed in Responsively App to better match the real configurations of target users. For example, they can simulate a mobile environment with a phone and tablet side by side, making it easy to detect layout problems.


Responsively App offers a vast selection of pre-configured device profiles, covering a wide range of phones, tablets, and desktops. This diversity allows developers to test their sites on a multitude of platforms, ensuring maximum compatibility with the various devices used by end users.

An ally for Webflow users

For designers, Responsively App is a valuable asset in ensuring that their visual creations remain consistent across devices. When combined with Webflow, a visual design tool that allows you to create sites without coding, Responsively App becomes even more powerful. Designers can use Webflow to design, then use Responsively to test responsiveness before going live.


In conclusion, Responsively is positioned as an indispensable tool to ensure that your website offers a consistent and smooth user experience on all devices. Whether you are an experienced developer or an aspiring designer, integrating Responsively into your workflow will allow you to become more efficient and accurate when developing responsive websites.

With Responsively by your side, you can be confident that your website will be ready to face the challenges of cross-platform browsing with confidence and professionalism.


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