Image Filler: the plugin to automatically change the scale and crop your images

April 19, 2024
Image Filler: the plugin to automatically change the scale and crop your images


In the design process on Figma, image integration and manipulation are essential aspects in bringing a user interface to life. However, this can sometimes be a challenge, especially when it comes to precisely adjusting images and choosing the appropriate scaling modes. To meet these challenges, the ImageFiller plugin is there to simplify and optimize image management in Figma, offering a range of powerful features designed to improve the workflow of designers.

Why use the plugin?

Using the ImageFiller plugin has several advantages for designers. Figma. On the one hand, it greatly simplifies the process of manipulating images, offering a user-friendly interface and intuitive features. On the other hand, it makes it possible to optimize the precise positioning of the images, thus reducing the time required to adjust the images in the models.


The ImageFiller plugin offers a variety of flexible scale modes, such as fill, fit, crop, and tile, giving designers maximum flexibility to adapt images to their design. With an intuitive user interface, designers can easily select the options they want and quickly apply changes to images.


In addition to simplifying scale modes, ImageFiller offers nine predefined positions that allow accurate positioning of images in models. Whether choosing top left, center right, or bottom center, designers can precisely align images to achieve the desired effect.

Image Filler plugin in action
Image Filler in Action on Figma

What are the functionalities of the plugin?


ImageFiller offers a comprehensive range of scale modes, giving users the freedom to adapt images to their design in the most appropriate manner. Whether you want to fill a space entirely, adjust an image to fit perfectly, or even crop a specific portion, ImageFiller gives you the tools to do it effectively.


With nine predefined positions available, ImageFiller allows for accurate alignment of images in models. Whether you're looking to place an image in a corner, in the center, or somewhere in between, these predefined options allow you to get the exact alignment you want, without having to guess or adjust manually.


The ImageFiller user interface is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. With clearly labeled buttons and options, as well as an ergonomic layout, you can easily navigate the plugin and make the necessary changes effortlessly. This usability saves time and minimizes friction in the design process.


By simplifying image manipulation and positioning processes, ImageFiller helps improve the workflow of designers on Figma. By reducing tedious tasks and allowing for quick and accurate adjustments, the plugin allows designers to devote more time to creativity and design, while maintaining high productivity.


In conclusion, the ImageFiller plugin is an indispensable tool for designers. Figma who are looking to improve their workflow and optimize the management of images in their mockups. With its powerful features, user-friendly interface, and ability to simplify image manipulation and positioning processes, ImageFiller offers a comprehensive and effective solution to meet the needs of designers.

By integrating ImageFiller into their arsenal of design tools, designers Figma can optimize their productivity and bring their ideas to life more effectively than ever.


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Guillaume Hambourger

Guillaume Hambourger

UI Designer at ATECNA

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