When creating graphic designs, shapes may need to be deformed accurately and painstakingly. That's why a tool like the SkewDat plugin for Figma can be very useful. SkewDat is a plugin that allows shapes to be deformed quickly and intuitively, which can be very practical when creating complex designs.

If you work with developers or technical teams, Skewdat can be particularly useful by allowing you to give accurate values to reproduce your model to the nearest pixel. The values you are going to apply will remain in the plugin's memory to facilitate the work of technical teams.

How to use it


To use the SkewDat plugin, simply select the object you want to deform and click on the plugin icon in the menu bar of Figma. A control window will then appear, allowing you to adjust the deformation of the object using cursors and text fields.


The SkewDat plugin offers several useful features to deform shapes precisely. First, it allows you to set the deformation as a percentage, which allows you to deform the object precisely and accurately. You can also use the cursors to warp the object more intuitively.

In addition to that, SkewDat allows you to deform the object along various axes. For example, you can deform the object horizontally or vertically, or in both directions at the same time. This allows you to create even more complex shapes and give your designs a touch of creativity.


The SkewDat plugin is a very useful tool for anyone who works on graphic designs. It allows shapes to be deformed quickly and intuitively, which can be very handy when creating complex designs. We highly recommend this plugin to anyone looking to create quality designs and who wants to have a powerful tool to deform shapes accurately.

For those looking for advanced shape or object deformation tools, you can use plugins Perspective Toolkit or Easometric to create visuals in isometric view. These plugins offer additional perspective features to help you create quality designs.


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