Create websites effortlessly with Blocsapp, an innovative alternative to Wordpress

March 26, 2024
Create websites effortlessly with Blocsapp, an innovative alternative to Wordpress


Discover an innovative approach to creating websites with Blocsapp, an intuitive and powerful solution developed to meet the needs of users looking to design modern and responsive sites without the hassles of traditional programming. Compared to conventional platforms such as Wordpress, Blocsapp offers a simplified alternative, allowing total customization without sacrificing quality or performance.

What is Blocsapp?


Launched in 2015, Blocsapp quickly established itself as a tool of choice for thousands of users, whether novice or professional. Its availability on Mac and iPad, as well as its synchronization via iCloud, allow optimal flexibility of use. In addition, Blocsapp offers the possibility of creating Wordpress themes using the same block principle, thus expanding its application possibilities.


Blocsapp's clean interface provides a distraction-free design experience, allowing users to fully focus on creating their website. Thanks to an intuitive drag-and-drop system, users can choose from a variety of prefabricated blocks to compose their site, customize them according to their needs by changing colors, fonts, images, images, animations, and much more. Blocsapp then automatically generates the necessary code, ensuring a fast, secure, and SEO-optimized site.

Advantages of Blocsapp compared to Wordpress


Blocsapp offers a visual and intuitive approach to creating websites, simplifying the process compared to Wordpress, which often requires manual code writing. With Blocsapp, users can drag and drop prefabricated blocks to build their site, while Wordpress may require additional blocks to be created or installed. Additionally, Blocsapp eliminates the need for additional plugins, offering a lighter and simplified solution.


By choosing Blocsapp, you save time by avoiding the manual writing of code and the installation of additional plugins. You also have total flexibility to customize your website, without any limitations. Finally, Blocsapp guarantees high performance in terms of speed, security and SEO optimization, thus ensuring a professional quality website.

Blocsapp Image Editor view

Learning Blocsapp


To learn how to use Blocsapp, several resources are available. First, the learning portal is a valuable resource. It offers a variety of tutorials, guides, and tips, allowing you to master the functionalities of Blocsapp through detailed instructions and concrete examples.

In addition, the official forum offers a platform for exchange with the Blocsapp user community. Here you can ask questions, share experiences, and get advice from other users. This forum is also a great place to discover advanced tips and innovative design techniques.

Finally, the “Made in Blocs” gallery is an invaluable source of inspiration. You will find inspiring examples of websites created with Blocsapp, allowing you to get ideas for your own project and discover the possibilities offered by this creative tool.


For the best use of Blocsapp, follow these practical tips. Start by choosing a block that fits your needs, then customize it according to your preferences in terms of position, size, and alignment. Change settings like colors, fonts, and images to match your visual identity, and add dynamic content for a rich user experience.

Repeat these steps for each block, regularly checking the compatibility and responsiveness of your site on different devices. Finally, publish your site directly from Blocsapp or export it as a ZIP file for deployment on other platforms. By following these simple tips, you can take full advantage of Blocsapp's features and create professional-quality websites.

Blocsapp additionnal services


  1. Go to the official Blocsapp website.
  2. Click on “Download Trial Blocs.”
  3. Complete the form with your name and email address.
  4. Click on the confirmation link received by email.
  5. Download and install the Blocsapp.dmg file on your Mac.
  6. Start Blocsapp and get your 7-day free trial.


  1. Go to the official Blocsapp website.
  2. Click on “Buy Blocks.”
  3. Select the version you want (Mac or iPad).
  4. Complete the form with your payment details.
  5. Complete the order and receive your license key and download link by email.
  6. Download and install Blocsapp on your device.
  7. Enter your license key when launching Blocsapp.


In conclusion, Blocsapp opens up new perspectives for creating websites, offering a fluid and flexible experience that unleashes users' creativity while guaranteeing professional results. Whether you are a novice in web design or a seasoned professional, Blocsapp allows you to carry out your projects with ease and efficiency. Feel free to explore its features and join the growing community of satisfied users.


Official site
Master blocks
Official forum
Blocs Store

Guillaume Hambourger

Guillaume Hambourger

UI Designer at ATECNA

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